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Marx Parts LLC       

1925-36 Chevrolet Parts, Reproduction, New Old Stock, or New Old Replacement Stock

This page is set up for 1916-1936 Chevy parts that are hard to find and are normally worn out on these old cars. There are 7 sections to look at including: STARTING SYSTEM, Cooling System, FUEL SYSTEM, ENGINE PARTS, OIL PUMP, TRANSMISSION and DRIVE LINE,

These are NOT the replacement parts that are kicked out of a factory (who knows where) because it was cheaper to make that way. These are the parts that are made to fit and with superior materials. The new old stock/ new old replacement stock (NOS/NORS) was made when there was pride in workmanship, usually in the USA. Where some of the reproduction parts haven't been USA made, we try our best to assure that they meet the same or better standards as original. 


 NOTE: =should be in stock and available to ship within 1-2 business days.

          =normally not in stock or limited supply; This may take up to 3-6 weeks for delivery.

                              Email for more information.

If you order a part and then decide to cancel the order without contacting us, you will be subject to a 5% refund fee as our merchant account / PayPal no longer returns fees charged to us and to cover paperwork. It is strongly suggested that you contact us before ordering if you are unsure about shipping times, correct part or any other problem that may come up.


Our brochure for these 1916-36 Chevy items is now back and covers more parts than it used to. Please send a request to bob@marxparts.com if you would like one. Our old brochure form no longer works so put brochure in the subject line and your address in the content of the e-mail.



Go To: STARTING SYSTEM-Bendix Drive, Springs and Starter Switches

            COOLING SYSTEM-Hose, Clamps, Elbow, Belt, Miscellaneous

            FUEL SYSTEM-Fuel Pump Parts, Carburetor Parts

            IGNITION-Distributor Points, Caps, Rotors, Condensers;

                Spark Plug Wire Sets

            ENGINE PARTS-Gaskets, Oiler Pads and Wicks, Rocker Arm Shafts and Bushings, Push Rods, Valve; Springs, Caps and Keys, Adjustment Screws and Nuts

            OIL PUMP-and Parts

            TRANSMISSION and DRIVE LINE-Main Drive Bearing Retainer, Shaft Rebuild Kit, Gaskets, Seals, Propeller Shafts and Housing Bushings, Axles and Parts

            CLUTCH and BRAKE-Clutch Discs, Brake and Clutch Pedal Shaft and Bushings, Rear Service Brake Spring Set, Front Brake Cam Lever Adjusting Nut and Collar, Brake Lining

Most of the pictures are thumb-nailed. Click on them for something larger.







Overhaul gasket sets

Oiler Wicks and Pads

push rods

Rocker Arm Shaft and Bushing Sets

shim sets

Valve Springs and Parts




Click on the sets below and the link will take you to the correct page for the complete gasket set and individual gasket sets.

1916-28 Master '490' 4 cyl. complete engine gasket set; Best #RS500C.

1929-31 Master 194 6 cyl. complete engine set Best #RS501C

1932 Master 194 6 cyl. complete engine set Best #RS501C-1

1933 Master 207 6 cyl. complete engine set Best #RS501C-2.

1935-36 Master 207 6 cyl. complete engine set Best #RS504S. or #RS504C

1934 or early 1935 with 45� valve seats  Master 207 6 cyl. complete engine set Best#RS728S  or RS728C

Engine Sets below are special order; please allow 1-3 weeks for delivery:

1933 Standard 182 6 cyl. complete engine set Best #RS727C

1934 Standard  182 6 cyl. complete engine set Best#RS729C


 1921-1931 Rocker Arm Oil Wicks or Pads


1921-1928  Rocker Arm Oil Wicks

Set of 8 wicks.

part #819E...$16.00 set

1929-1931 Rocker Arm Oil Wicks

This set of 12 wicks transmit oil from the rocker arm shaft to the socket on the push rod end. Most rebuilt engines have left these out, endangering both the push rod ends and the adjustment screws. Identical to the original felt wicks.

p/n C-P835677  $19.00set


1926-1928 Oiler Pad

Fits Superior, U, C, N models; series V, X.  1926L-28 these models/series.

part#16084E...$21.00 ea

1929-1934 Rocker Arm Oiler and Silencer Pad

Not an original part but one offered by gasket manufacturers as both an assurance of adequate oiling of the top end and also to help minimize top end noise. No modification necessary.

p/n V48040  Out of Stock


 1925-1928 Rocker Arm Shaft & Bushing Set

These 2 shafts and 8 bushings appear identical to the originals, but the shafts are heat treated chrome-molybdenum steel, giving exceptional wear resistance with these bushings.

p/n CP326448  Currently out of stock



1929-1931 Rocker Arm Shaft & Bushing Set

 These 2 shafts and 12 bushings appear identical to the originals, but the shafts are heat treated chrome-moly steel, giving exceptional wear resistance with these bushings. Manufactured by C&P Automotive since the mid-1980s, these rocker arm shaft and bushing sets are in hundreds of early Chevrolets.

p/n CP835558  Currently out of stock

1932-34 Except '34 Master Rocker Arm Shaft and Bushing Set.

This rocker arm shaft and bushing set looks a lot like the 29-31 set except for the oiler holes. The later bushings are slightly different sizes too.  The early (AA) rocker arm shaft bushings have the same outside diameter of .787" as the 1929-31 rocker arm shaft and bushing sets, while the later sets (BB) have an OD of .818 Out of Stock. 

 Also not pictured: 1934-Master, 1935-1936 Original NORS Rocker Arm Shaft & Bushing Set.

These are new old replacement stock original style rocker arm shaft & bushings.

p/n 837249K   ...$125.00set  




1929-33 Valve Springs (set of 12)

These are brand new reproduction made in the USA to the exact specifications as the originals....

p/n C-P364912 OUT OF STOCK


1929-33 NORS Valves

We have available in a limited supply NORS valves for these year Chevy. We also have other valves in stock. Please inquire.

For this term of years, valves are usually $20.00 each, subject to change depending upon supply. Please contact us if you wish to order.


1929-1939 Valve Lifters/Tappets (set of 12)

Case hardened tappets are ground on the bottom with a shallow cone shape to lengthen operating life.

1929-39 Chevrolet Valve Tappets/Lifters p/n C-P838774  $168.00


1929-1934 ALL except 1934 Master DA, DB, P Valve Spring Caps & Valve Stem Keys (set of 12 of each).

Identical to the originals. Replaces originals which have enlarged valve stem holes in the caps and edge wear on the keys.

p/n 836117/836120  $69.00set

1921-1928 Valve Adjustment Screws with Locking Nuts that use 7/16-20 threaded rocker arms.

This set has 8 of each, otherwise they are made out of the same material as the 1929-33 set. 

p/n 124929..... OUT OF STOCK


1929-1933 Valve Adjustment Screws & Locking Nuts (set of 12 of each)

Most of the original adjusting screws show failure of the threads, often galling in the locking nuts. Sometimes the nuts cannot be removed at all. These screws are case hardened to give strength to the threads and hardness to the ends which contact the push rod sockets, Identical to the originals.

p/n 835664  Currently out of stock  


1928 Valve Push Rods & Push Rod Ends (set of 8 of each)

These are exactly as the original rods in appearance, but are induction heat treated on the ends (about 3/4") to give longer life. The push rod ends are case hardened.


C-P348567/327643  $99.00set

1929-1930 Valve Push Rods & Push Rod Ends (set of 12 of each)

These rods are exactly as the original rods in appearance, but are induction heat treated on the ends (about 3/4") to give longer life. The push rod ends are case hardened as were the originals.

p/n C-P836393/835840  Currently out of stock


1929-1954 Connecting Rod Shims (set of 12)

These four-ply laminated brass shims of 0.002 in./ply are essentially identical to the original shims but are plastic laminated to facilitate separation. Packaged in full engine sets...

p/n 364322 ...$39.00set 


1929-1931 or 1932-1936 Main Bearing Shims (set of 2 each for Front, Center and Rear Main Bearings)

New Old Stock shims .008 inch thick pack. Currently out of stock


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