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Shipping information

Due to the current Global pandemic, Express shipments  will be going out through our local post office and are no longer guaranteed overnight. Overseas and domestic shipments cannot be guaranteed to arrive in any kind of timely manner. The only thing we've seen that does usually get delivered in a reasonable time frame is Express mail, but even this is not  always guaranteed (US 2 day)

We've now included DHL Express as an option for international shipping for those of you international buyers that prefer something besides the postal service. It should show up in the drop down menu of the shopping cart when available.

 I have finally found a shopping experience that supports a more finely tuned shipping calculator, -- although I have never let you lose money on shipping if it was totally unreasonable. Our usual and customary handling charge is $1.50 handling for domestic shipping; $2.00 for International mail above post office rates. If the shipping costs seem unreasonably high, it should now be because that's what the shipping company is charging. FedEx is now included as one of the options. We normally don't use FedEx because it means a run into town 15 miles away, so our handling charge is higher for that option.

Every once in a while, the calculator is still not as correct as I'd like it to be, especially when ordering more than one item. I will let you know if I think you have been grossly overcharged and refund any differences. If you are afraid I won't let you know, please email me, and let me know why you feel it is not correct shipping.

We usually try to ship all items we have in stock within 2 business days, usually sooner. if you would like to have us hold off on  it please let us know.

Once any items leave our hands, we will generally have a tracking number that we can send you if you wish.

International shippers, It is sometimes very difficult to track your items, and occasionally your country doesn't call me up to tell me that the postal workers are on strike. We do the best we can and with this being the digital age, most of the time the package gets to you within a reasonable amount of time. It is variable for 1st class international, and usually 6-10 days for Priority Mail international. Express can be anywhere from 2 to 6 days.

Same goes for domestic shipments. I understand USPS has about an 85% track through rate so sometimes the item won't get scanned at every step of the way. I happen to have a very good and extremely efficient post office on my end, but what happens in the middle is nothing I can do about.

Most of these parts come from our warehouses here in Wisconsin.  I have been able to automatically set it up to ship out things like Reproduction Chevy axle shafts straight from our supplier, to try to reduce the time lag for these items (He will not drop ship to California or International. If you still want it, please let us know and be very patient). If you are a business with a legitimate tax ID number and would like to do business on a regular basis with us,  e-mail us or give us a call at (715)652-2405 from 8AM-5PM Central Time USA Monday-Friday for business rates on gaskets orders over $30. Please mention you saw this on the web site.  Sorry, but unless you do a lot of business with us we can't do discounts on Reproduction Chevy parts at this time. 

If for the rare reason you have bought the wrong part and never talked to us before the sale about getting the right part, there will be a 20% restocking charge if you return the part after you have contacted us. If you bought the part as a special order, it is not returnable.  If you opened it or it is in unusable condition there are NO returns. If you return the item anyway with or without contacting us, there will be no refund. ANY shipping and handling charges incurred are non refundable. 

A note to all buyers OUTSIDE the USA or its possessions:  Your purchase may be subject to import fees and/or taxes when your package arrives. Some of you know this but a fair amount of people do not. I mark these packages as "Antique Auto Parts" and mark the customs declaration form with the actual value of the items in US dollars. Please do not ask us to mark them any other way or devalue the cost of the items. This is considered postal fraud and if a package is checked we are subject to the following:

Title 18, U.S.C., Sec. 1341 - Mail Fraud:
Maximum penalty per count: five years; fine of $250,000 (or twice the gain)