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    Radiator Hose

    Hose Clamps

    Radiator Outlet Pipe

    Fan Belt


 NOTE: =should be in stock and available to ship within 1-2 business days.

          =normally not in stock or limited supply; This may take up to 3-6 weeks for delivery.

If you order a part and then decide to cancel the order without contacting us, you will be subject to a 5% refund fee as our merchant account / PayPal no longer returns fees charged to us and to cover paperwork. It is strongly suggested that you contact us before ordering if you are unsure about shipping times, correct part or any other problem that may come up.


1929-1934 Chevrolet Radiator Outlet Pipe

A replacement for the steel elbow connecting the radiator hoses from the water pump to the radiator. These elbows are made of a heavier gage steel than the originals and have a baked black enamel coating for added resistance to corrosion.

p/n C-P354564 $35.00

1929-34 Chevrolet Radiator Hose Set

Cut to specific length using the original charts and a little bit more for easier fit. Please choose year for correct length needed includes three new original style wrapped radiator hoses. p/n 1 1/4" hose set $28.00/set

Other sizes available, please inquire. 

Note: Needs outlet pipe elbow (see above) for two lower hoses

1929 all--Top hose 10 3/8 inch; Bottom two hoses 4 1/4 inch each

1930 all --Top hose 9 3/8 inch; Bottom two hoses 4 1/4 inch each

1931 all --Top hose 9 3/8 inch; Bottom two hoses 4 1/4 inch each

1932 all --Top hose 9 3/8 inch; Bottom two hoses 4 1/4 inch each

1933 Eagle --Top hose 8 1/2 inch; Bottom two hoses 3 1/2 inch each

1934 Master/Pass --Top hose 8 11/16 inch; Bottom two hoses 4 1/4 inch each

1934 1/2 and 1 1/2 t. truck-- Top hose 9 15/16 inch; Bottom two hoses 4 1/4 inch each


Hose  Clamps

Original style hose clamps in various sizes.

Torque slides in channel to prevent damage to hose and to form a perfect circle.

Choose by inside diameter/part number

Please note: Inside diameter is the ID of the clamp, or OD of the hose. See example below:

15/16" inside diameter used for 1929-50 Chevy heater hose p/n HC9.5 Out of stock

1-5/8" inside diameter used for 1929-50 1-1/4" ID Chevy radiator hose p/n HC15 Out of stock

1-3/4" inside diametre used for 1-1/2" ID radiator hose p/n HC16.5

1-7/8" inside diameter used for 1935-50 Chevy radiator hose p/n HC17

Out of stock

Out of stock

1 7/8"ID HC17

1 1/2" ID HC14

1 3/4"ID HC16.5

2-1/8"ID HC19.5

2-3/8"ID HC21

2-5/8"ID HD23

 $3.50 each

1929-36 shaft for water pump

1929-36 Water Pump Shaft. (without rotor).

 A case-hardened shaft to replace the typically badly worn pump shaft.

p/n C-P835818 $18.00 


Fan Belt



1929-32 Chevrolet Old Style Generator and Fan Belt

 Replacement Fits above years with no cogs on outside, so looks more like the original style flat topped belt. Still cogged inside the belt for added strength. This belt is 11/16" wide and is slightly wider than the original 21/32" belt (CSB35). This belt works well for worn pulleys. 

  part # OS-24380 $25.00

1926-36 Chevrolet Conventional (no cog) Fan Belt

This belt has no cogs on either side and sits a little deeper into the pulley. See cart buttons below for fit-length in OD. Same size as original OEM belt 21/32" wide. 

1926-28 41 inch. part # CSB38 $16.00
1929-32 38 inch. part # CSB35 $16.00
1933-36 Master, 35-36 Std 39 inch. part # CSB36 $16.00
1933-34 Standard 41 inch. part # CSB41 $16.00