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Early Chevrolet this page (see below)

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NOTE: =should be in stock and available to ship within 1-2 business days.

          =normally not in stock or limited supply; This may take up to 3-6 weeks for delivery

If you order a part and then decide to cancel the order without contacting us, you will be subject to a 5% refund fee as our merchant account / PayPal no longer returns fees charged to us and to cover paperwork. It is strongly suggested that you contact us before ordering if you are unsure about shipping times, correct part or any other problem that may come up.



1922 -28 Chevrolet Lacquered Cloth Spark Plug Wire Set

New spark plug wire set to fit 1922-1928 Chevrolet engines. This wire set is assembled in our shop with new reproduction materials made of lacquered cloth spark plug wire with stranded copper wire core, brass forked spark plug wire ends, black rubber boots for distributor cap/coil and brass distributor cap/coil terminals. The brass distributor terminals may not be needed on the 26 & 27 Remy distributors as these distributor caps had a pointed lug inside each distributor cap terminal or tower on the original caps and the terminal can be taken off the wire if needed. The brass distributor terminals are needed for the 1928 Delco Remy distributor cap. This spark plug wire set may fit prior years before 1926 but my wire listing for length only goes back to 1926 for Chevrolet. Comes sealed in a plastic bag that can be hanged on hook as shown in the picture and ready to install. If your spark plugs have the stud on them instead of the thumb nut, we also have the thumb nuts available for the older plugs (8-32 thread) or for the newer replacement plugs (M4 thread) for $1.50 ea.

The wire set shown is made with oak (orange) with black tracers lacquered cloth spark plug wire. From what I have been told this is what may have been or close to the original wire used. I can also made this wire set in your choice of the following lacquered cloth wire colors: Glossy Black, Oak(orange) with black and red tracers, Red with black and yellow tracers or Yellow with black and red tracers. See the pictures for what the actual colors look like.

There are 5 wires in this set cut to length from my 1940 Autolite wire chart. The coil wire is 11 inches long with 2 ea. 28 inch spark plug wires, 1 ea. 24 inch spark plug wire and 1 ea. 25 inch spark plug wire.

Base price $40.00: Some options are additional.

Click on picture for color options.



Pick and choose for your custom fit and color:

oak w/black tracers

oak w/ black and red tracers

red w/black and yellow tracers

yellow w/black and red tracers

satin black lacquered  

gloss black lacquered  


with brass distributor terminals for 1928 Delco Remy cap

with brass terminal for 1927 and prior Remy cap

without thumb nuts

with M4 thumb nuts

with 8-32 thumb nuts




1929-40 Chevy Spark Plug Wire Sets:



For 1929-34 or 1935-40, these sets of 6 spark plug wires and 1 coil wire are made of top quality reproduction wire ends, boots and stranded copper wire core. Wire lengths for the spark plug wires are the same for both sets consisting of 2 ea. 10 inch, 2 ea. 13 inch and 2 ea. 17 inch. The coil wire is a different length for each set. 1929-34 set has a 20 inch coil where as the 1935-40 set has a 10 inch coil wire. All spark plug wire ends are 90 degree with out rubber boots as original. Comes in sealed package as shown in picture  These sets are completely assembled and ready to install.

Set of 6 spark plug wires and 1 coil wire made to fit 1929-34 Chevrolet 6 cylinder engines with the ignition coil on the firewall.

Set of 6 spark plug wires and 1 coil wire made to fit 1935-40 Chevrolet 6 cylinder engines with the ignition coil mounted on the cylinder head.


Made of top quality reproduction wire ends and boots with black PVC or reproduction lacquered cloth covered (see colors below) 7mm spark plug wire with tinned copper or copper stranded wire core. The set can also come with the distributor boots and distributor terminals not installed on the wire if they run through a guide. Just inform us of this when the set is purchased.

Your choice of colors: Black PVC, black lacquered cloth, Oak with black and red tracers lacquered cloth, Oak with black tracers lacquered cloth, Red with black and yellow tracers lacquered cloth or yellow with black and red tracers lacquered cloth. Other colors may be available on request, please use the order request form for colors not listed. For a sample of what the colors look like, please look at our spark plug wire page.

p/n SPwireset +yr/color

$35 for black rubber, the rest $48.00 per set


black PVC    

satin black lacquered

gloss black lacquered

oak with black and red tracers

oak with black tracers

red with black and yellow tracer

yellow with black and red tracer


black PVC

satin black lacquered

gloss black lacquered

oak with black and red tracers

oak with black tracers

red with black and yellow tracer

yellow with black and red tracer

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