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Please inquire (or order if there is an add to cart button) if you are interested in any of the following parts.

Other parts for Ford, mostly flathead. These parts are New Old Replacement Stock, or new Reproduction in the case of the spark plug wire; usually made in the USA. 




1928-32 Models "A" an "B-4" 1928-32 original number B-12115 and B-12115

Cap is reproduction with copper terminals. Cover is NORS.

cap: part #FF18 $25.00 cover: part # FF19 $10.00


1932-36 Model "V-8" Flathead

Fits Ford V8 1932-35; "51, 67, 68" 1936 (Early)

Original number 18-12116 cap: part # FF26


1936-37 Model "V-8" Flathead

Fits Ford V8 "51, 67, 68" 1936 (Late); 1937-41 All; Mercury 95 1938-41

Original number 68-12116  cap: part # FF41


1932-41 Model "V-8" Flathead

Cover for FF26 and FF41

Original number 18-12105B cover: part # FF27






Spark Plug wire sets

    Click on picture for better view.

1932-41 Flathead V8 with rajah straight terminals and color coded wire

Custom made spark plug wire set to fit 1932-41 Ford V8 cars and trucks. Set is made of new reproduction glossy black lacquered cloth wire with red, blue, green and yellow tracers which has a PVC insulator and copper stranded wire core. Spark plug wire ends are chromed brass Ford Rajah straight style ends which are soldered on. Terminal cap wire ends are crimped on brass. Set consists of 8 spark plug wires. 2 each 24 inches long with red tracer, 2 each 28 inches long with blue tracers, 2 each 32 inches long with green tracers and 2 each 36 inches long with yellow tracers.

Fits 1932-41 Ford or 1939-41 Mercury Flathead V8  

part # 3241FDCT    $60.00



1932-36 Flathead V8 with ring terminals (not pictured)

Made to look more like the original set with the ring terminals on the spark plug end. Reproduction glossy black lacquered cloth style with PVC insulator and copper stranded wire core.

part # 3236FDBLC $48.00



1942-48 Flathead V8 (not pictured)

Reproduction glossy black lacquered cloth style with PVC insulator and copper stranded wire core.

part # 4248FDBLC $48.00



Other Parts available:

Please ask us about any other mechanical / electrical parts you may need.