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Here's what we have for Distributor Caps so far.

Please look on Ignition page if you haven't referenced it yourself. Maybe you'll get lucky and I'll have referenced it for you. Then you can request more information until I get the links to the store fixed.

There is at least one of each, up to cases full depending on the number.

I will try to update what these fit as I go along, but in the meantime if you know the number by manufacturer you can take a look and see if there are any numbers you recognize and need.

Bob can probably help you too on some of these items. email bob@marxparts.com

Please call or e-mail for pricing info.


Manufacturer number other #s/ notes Exch. Niehoff exchange
Ampco AL902   AL74 AL73
Ampco AL912      
Ampco AL924      
Ampco AL942     AL63
Ampco AL944     AL65
Ampco AL950   AL122 AL66
Ampco AL97?      
Ampco CR906      
Ampco DR916      
Ampco DR970     DR67
Ampco DR978     DR70
Ampco DR986     DR72
Ampco F904      
Ampco F908      
Ampco F916      
Ampco F918     FF69
Ampco F928     FF71
Ampco F940      
Ampco F942      
Ampco F948      
Ampco F948AK      
Ampco F968      
Ampco FO100?      
Ampco JA906      
Ampco JA908      
Ampco JA912      
Ampco JA916      
Ampco JA920      
Ampco LU914     WA67
Ampco LU918     WA73A
Ampco RB922      
Atlas 401     AL67
Atlas 451     DR66
Atlas 452     DR62
Atlas 453     DR63
Atlas 455     DR70
Atlas 456     DR71
Atlas 457      
Atlas 460     DR74
Atlas 461     DR61
Atlas 462     DR67
Atlas 466     WA71
Atlas 482     FF73
Auto Electric DR180      
Auto Electric DR409?      
Auto Electric DR419      
Autolite 1--3      
Autolite IA0-1003     AL65
Autolite 3--23   CH201 AL90
Autolite 3--4     AL67
Autolite AR1003      
Autolite DH117      
Autolite DH135      
Autolite DH138      
Autolite DH4      
Autolite IAR-1003      
Autolite IAT 1003 NORS   AL65
Autolite IAT 1041     AL74
Autolite IB-60      
Autolite IBK 1003 NORS/NOS  
Autolite IG 1325      
Autolite IG 323      
Autolite IG1053 Soren. AL81  
Autolite IGB 1241 NOS or NORS   AL82
Autolite IGB-1  1 USED 4CYL  
Autolite IGB-1240      
Autolite IGB-31 Soren. AL89  
Autolite IGC 1107      
Autolite IGH 1049 IGH 1045   AL73
Autolite IGI-325      
Autolite IGP 1003 NORS- 1 used  
Autolite IGZ-1003      
Autolite IGZ-1107      
Automotive F922      
Automotive F922      
Automotive F940      
Bendix (P & D) AU108      
Bendix (P & D) EC80     WA68
Bendix (P & D) EC96     WA77
Borg Warner ??      
Borg Warner C137      
Borg Warner C146      
Borg Warner C151      
Borg Warner C156      
Borg Warner C158      
Borg Warner C161      
Borg Warner C167      
Borg Warner C168      
Borg Warner C179      
Borg Warner C182      
Borg Warner C183      
Borg Warner C184      
Borg Warner C185      
Borg Warner C186      
Borg Warner C187      
Borg Warner C191      
Borg Warner C193      
Borg Warner C194A      
Borg Warner C195      
Borg Warner C197      
Borg Warner C198      
Borg Warner C224      
Borg Warner C546      
Borg Warner C547      
Borg Warner C559      
Bosch 123522059      
Bosch 1235522059      
Bosch 1-235-522-109 STD B-420 WA69R
Bosch 2VS 75-Z      
Casco 4CYL      
Casco AD1301C      
Casco AD1312C      
Casco AD1404      
Casco AD1405      
Casco AD318C      
Casco AD325C      
Casco D104CF      
Casco X103      
Casco X103N      
Casco X110      
Casco       AL66??
Century DC 75 Datsun  210 1962-65  
Consolidated? DR136      
Crosby 1665 4CYL    
D&D EC128      
Delco 173      
Delco 265587     DR66
Delco 265587     DR66
Delco 265587     DR66
Delco 813488      
Delco 1835536     DR21/DR64
Delco 1837974      
Delco 1937677      
Delco 8021784 replacement cap/Aluminum contacts DR21
Delco 8513033     WA74
Delco 6039(french)      
Delco A-301     AL90
Delco A-304     AL66
Delco D302      
Delco D305      
Delco D312      
Delco D317      
Delco E-309      
Delco F300      
Delco F301      
Echlin ??      
Echlin AL47      
Echlin AL59     AL80
Echlin AL70     AL73
Echlin FA18      
Echlin FA86      
Echlin FA88      
Echlin RR162     DR63
Echlin RR353     DR75
Filko AL104     AL90
Filko AL92 Sorensen AL98 AL73(old #)
Filko AL98      
Filko BO50     WA70
Filko BO56      
Filko BO65      
Filko DE188      
Filko DR106      
Filko DR136      
Filko DR142      
Filko DR144      
Filko FO88      
Filko FO90      
Filko LU50      
Filko LU52      
Filko RB50      
Filko SEV52      
Ford Tractor 4 cyl D402C     FF60
G & D FR60      
Genuine Parts 1910130031     JAPAN
GP AL15      
GP FR60      
Guaranteed AL103     AL63
Guaranteed AL119     AL66
Guaranteed AL15      
Guaranteed AL92      
Guaranteed DR41     DR55
Guaranteed DR50     DR62
Guaranteed DR77      
Guaranteed DR79      
Guaranteed DR87      
Guaranteed EP41     WA60
Guaranteed EP45     WA62
Guaranteed EP46     WA63
Guaranteed EP50     WA68
Guaranteed FR62      
Guaranteed FR72      
HE 211      
HE 270      
HE 298      
HE 406 1GT 1032 132  
HE 417      
HE 480      
HE 481      
HE 482      
HE 1471      
HE 1480 Soren. DE88  
HE 14-560      
HE DR131 GB AA19?  
HE NE106      
HE NE14-563 NE74    
HE NE6      
HE NE84      
HE RE104 DR104    
HE RE108      
HE RE110      
Holley 1738503      
Holley 34D-37970     FF73
Holley 34R827A      
Holley 34R-827A      
Hosick 202      
Hosick NE76      
Hosick NE82      
Hosick RE100/GB AA19    
John Deere D321     DR75
KEM 206     FF72
KEM 223     FF60E
KEM 232      
KEM 242      
KEM 243      
KEM 248      
KEM 1420     DR63
KEM 1430 Soren. DR124 DR74
KEM 1436      
KEM 1438      
KEM 1477     DR55
KEM 1485     DR66
KEM 1521     AL73
KEM 1550      
KEM 1553      
KEM 1678     AL67
KEM 1682     AL74
KEM 1691     AL66
KEM 7249      
KEM 452H      
KEM 650(NE76)      
KEM W304     WA68
KEM W309      
KEM W311      
KEM W327     WA62
KEM W387      
KEM W391      
KEM W394      
KEM W52H      
Mallory 200     DR66
Mallory 204     DR55
Mallory 206     AL90
Mallory 208     AL64
Mallory 210     AL67
Mallory 212     FF72
Mallory 213     DR71
Mallory 214     AL66
Mallory 224     FF73
Mallory 227     DR67
Mallory 231     AL67
Mallory 232     AL66
Mallory 234     DR60
Mallory 237     DR72
Mallory 238 Tungsten AL128 AL60
Mallory 239     DR76
Marco 164      
Marco 185      
Marco 1485      
Marco 1547      
Marco 1649      
Marco 1673      
Marco 1675      
Marco 1679      
Marco 157B      
Marco RR150      
Masco AL74      
Masco AL78 Soren. AL89  
Masco FF41      
MD parts A108      
Mopar 2444507     AL67
Mopar 2444507     AL61
Mopar CH213     AL72
Motorcraft DH356      
Motorcraft DH-366      
Motorcraft DHC306      
Motorcraft DHC59      
Motorcraft DHC-59 Tungsten AL129  
Motorcraft DHE156      
Motorcraft DHX210      
needs ID'd-4cyl        
Niehoff AL60/AL65     AL60/AL65
Niehoff AL63     AL63
Niehoff AL64     AL64
Niehoff AL66?     AL66
Niehoff AL87     AL87
Niehoff AL90     AL90
Niehoff DR21 aluminum cont. DR21
Niehoff DR51     DR51
Niehoff DR55     DR55
Niehoff DR61     DR61
Niehoff DR65     DR65
Niehoff DR66     DR66
Niehoff DR67     DR67
Niehoff DR68C     DR68C
Niehoff DR70     DR70
Niehoff DR71     DR71
Niehoff DR72     DR72
Niehoff FF65     FF65
Niehoff FF67     FF67
Niehoff FF70     FF70
Niehoff FF72     FF72
Niehoff FF73     FF73
Niehoff WA422     WA422
Niehoff WA435     WA435
Niehoff WA60     WA60
Niehoff WA67     WA67
Niehoff WA67F     WA67F
Niehoff WA69     WA69
Niehoff WA74     WA74
Niehoff WA77     WA77
OTHER 4 CYL        
P & D AU104     AL87
P & D AU114     AL65
P & D AU98     AL80
P & D FO94      
P & D FR96     FF73
P & D LU72      
P & D RE132      
P & D RE150     DR71
P & D RE158     DR74
P & D RE162     DR60
P & D RE164      
P & D RE90     DR55
p&d Studebaker      
PMG PT4002      
Prestolite 11--3     AL73
ROX JA900      
ROX JA904      
Shurhit C140     AL64
Shurhit C-141     AL63
Shurhit C142     AL65
Shurhit C146     DR62
Shurhit C55      
Shurhit G148      
Shurhit IC11      
Sorensen AE82      
Sorensen AL100   AL106 AL87
Sorensen AL101   AL110 AL82
Sorensen AL102     AL64
Sorensen AL103     AL63
Sorensen AL105 Shurhit C142 Tungsten Al116 AL65
Sorensen AL106 P&D AU124 AL67
Sorensen AL107     AL85
Sorensen AL108   AL122 AL66
Sorensen AL113     AL60
Sorensen AL114     AL75
Sorensen AL73      
Sorensen AL82      
Sorensen AL83     AL73
Sorensen AL86      
Sorensen AL88      
Sorensen AL89      
Sorensen AL90      
Sorensen AL96   AL98 AL80
Sorensen AL98      
Sorensen AL99   AL104 AL90
Sorensen CE12      
Sorensen CH 82   CH81 AL72
Sorensen DR107      
Sorensen DR108      
Sorensen DR110      
Sorensen DR110 (radio)    
Sorensen DR111 (radio)    
Sorensen DR114     DR63
Sorensen DR119     DR71
Sorensen DR120 Delco  315 DR76
Sorensen DR121     DR72
Sorensen DR122     DR61
Sorensen DR123 UE  DR156 DR60
Sorensen DR124     DR74
Sorensen DR125     DR61B
Sorensen DR136      
Sorensen DR150     DR125
Sorensen DR156      
Sorensen DR466      
Sorensen DR90      
Sorensen DR91     DR66
Sorensen DR94      
Sorensen DR96      
Sorensen DR974      
Sorensen FO100     FF66
Sorensen FO101     FF73
Sorensen FO102     IH64
Sorensen FO105      
Sorensen FO80      
Sorensen FO81      
Sorensen FO82      
Sorensen FO83      
Sorensen FO88/orFO99      
Sorensen FO94      
Sorensen FO95     FF66
Sorensen FO98     FF69
Sorensen FO99     FF65
Sorensen G138     FF60F
Sorensen G144      
Sorensen G146     AL67F
Sorensen G150     WA418
Sorensen G155      
Sorensen G163 Ampco JA910  
Sorensen G164      
Sorensen G184      
Sorensen G197      
Sorensen G50     WA71
Sorensen G51     WA67
Sorensen G52 ? RE70 WA74
Sorensen G53 FILKO LU150 WA61A
Sorensen G54     WA60A
Sorensen G55     WA64
Sorensen G56     WA72
Sorensen G57     WA75
Sorensen G58     WA76
Sorensen G59     WA73A
Sorensen G61     WA79
Sorensen G62     WA78
Sorensen G62 Bosch 9908338-572A WA78
Sorensen G63     WA67A
Sorensen G64 60-73VW   WA62A
Sorensen G65     WA77A
Sorensen G66     WA79A
Sorensen G67     WA67E
Sorensen G68     WA67N
Sorensen G69 CASCO  X103 FF60E
Sorensen G69 some with copper cont.
Sorensen LU52      
Sorensen NE80 HE 14-560  
Springfield Cap3     DR60
Springfield 5A      
Springfield CAP9      
Standard AL131   AL14 AL63
Standard AL132     AL65
Standard AL134     AL74
Standard AL137      
Standard AL138      
Standard AL139      
Standard AL140   AL126 AL66
Standard AL25     AL82
Standard AL35     AL73
Standard AL36      
Standard AL6      
Standard AL76      
Standard AL92     AL80
Standard AL96     AL90
Standard DDR198      
Standard DH103      
Standard DH104      
Standard DHC9      
Standard DR184      
Standard DR196     DR66
Standard DR401      
Standard DR402      
Standard DR403      
Standard DR416      
Standard DR42       
Standard DR428     DR63
Standard DR446      
Standard DR448      
Standard FD122      
Standard FD123      
Standard FD124      
Standard FD146      
Standard FD-150      
Standard FD-153      
Standard FD23      
Standard GB402     WA71
Standard GB414     WA69
Standard GB415     WA68
Standard GB419     WA79
Standard GB420     WA69R
Standard GB422      
Standard GB424      
Standard IH444      
Standard JH57      
Standard JH58      
Standard JH59      
Standard JH60      
Standard JH61      
Standard JH62      
Standard JH66      
Standard JH68      
Standard JH80      
Standard LU400      
Standard LU409     WA62
Standard LU412     WA63
Standard LU417      
Standard LU422      
Standard LU429      
Standard LU54 LU409    
Standard MA405      
Standard MA411      
Standard NE29      
Standard NE31      
Standard NE32      
Standard SV404     WA77
Standard SV405      
Tungsten 128      
Tungsten 1892      
Tungsten AL104     AL90
Tungsten AL106 Mallory 207 AL87
Tungsten AL114     AL63
Tungsten AL116     AL65
Tungsten AL118     AL67
Tungsten AL120 Shurhit C146 AL74
Tungsten AL122     AL66
Tungsten AL124     AL67
Tungsten AL128     AL60
Tungsten AL80      
Tungsten AL82      
Tungsten AL88      
Tungsten C474 Soren. CH82 AL72
Tungsten DR142     DR63
Tungsten DR154     DR74
Tungsten DR156 Wiz L4230 DR60
Tungsten DR90     DR55
Tungsten FO100      
Tungsten FO69      
Tungsten FO78      
Tungsten FO82      
Tungsten FO84     FF72
Tungsten FO86