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Carburetor Kits

A few of the tune up kits we have or can get for various makes and models

Please click on the two pictures below to explain about the Daytona float valves which are enclosed in the kits we sell.

Kits contain all parts necessary to complete a "Do it yourself" rebuild of your carburetor. Kits include Accelerator pump, needle & seat, gaskets, check valves, clips, springs, and other small parts. Please inquire if other parts are needed.

Please be aware that you should order these kits only if you are absolutely sure they are the ones you need. Old cars tend to get their carburetors changed for other ones, so may not be original to the car. We have provided these descriptions with carburetor numbers that should correspond with the number on yours. If you can't find the number, or it doesn't match, please check with us before buying.

Updraft Carter Carburetor Kit- RXO

The early updraft Chevrolet 1925-27 Carter RXO brass bowl carburetors were a little different from the later ones because of the needle and seat assembly. This tune-up kit comes with necessary gaskets and just the needle -NO seat.

 p/n carbkit: 320A  $38

Updraft Carter Carburetor Kit-RAJX-0; RAKX-0

For 1927-28 the Chevrolets used a Carter RAJX-0 and RAKX-0 brass bowl updraft carburetor which is different from the RXO and RJH08. Comes with everything that is in the RJHO8 kit except for the accelerator pump parts which are not used for the 27-28 Chevrolet.

 p/n carbkit: 320B  $30

Updraft Carter Carburetor Kit-RJHO8

This tune-up kit fits the Carter brass bowl updraft carburetors listed below:



    1929-31        6 cyl. 1BBI Updraft   Fits all Carter brass bowl carbs with RJHO8 casting


    1928-31        6 cyl.    1BBL Updraft      All using Carter brass bowl carbs.


    1929-31        6 cyl.    1BBl Updraft   141, 159, 188, 200 brass bowl


    1930-32        6 cyl.    1BBl Updraft   Fits all brass bowl carbs

    1929-32        6 cyl trk Carter brass bowl updraft   142,153,159,225,233

Federal :

    1933              Truck   1BBL Carter brass bowl updraft


    1928              6 cyl.   1BBl Updraft   103, 115S brass bowl carbs


    1928-31        6 cyl.   1BBl Updraft    All brass bowl carbs


    1928-31        6 cyl.   1BBl Updraft    130, 156, 209


    1926-30        6 cyl.   1BBl Updraft    101, 104, 149 brass bowl carb

p/n carbkit:320   $35.00



1929-31  Chevrolet Carburetor  Boot

 Carter Updraft Carburetor accelerator pump boot . Flexible rubber style for 3/4" ID accelerator pump on side  

This may also fit other applications with a 3/4" external accelerator pump.  

p/n 87-19BOOT  $12.00

1932-40 Carter Carburetor With Round Accelerator Pump Shaft Kit

The Carter carburetors that went into the Chevy from 1932-1936 had a round accelerator pump shaft with a replaceable leather cup. From 1937-1940, depending on the model of carburetor, there were still some round accelerator pump shaft carburetors being made. This tune-up style kit is for Carter W-1 carburetor with round accelerator pump shaft.



    1932-40 6 cyl  W-1 1BBl   Check carb    All with round shaft accelerator pump

    1932-40 6 cyl pickup    CARTER W-1 1BBL   222,285,420,434 with round shaft accelerator pump

Federal Truck:

    1933-34   15A,20A,25A    CARTER W-1 1BBL  with round pump stem

p/n 301W-1carbkit.....$42.00


1932-1948 Carter Carburetor Kit With Flat Accelerator Pump Shaft

When Carter changed the shape of their accelerator pump shaft in 1937 to a flat one, they made a replacement carburetor for the 1932-1937 Chevy and put a flat accelerator pump shaft in it. With the exception of their model number 684S, which  used a fast idle linkage and had a longer accelerator pump shaft in it, this is exactly the same design that was used until 1949. The leather cup is not replaceable on this shaft so this tune-up kit comes with the complete accelerator pump shaft.



    1937-48   check carb #    W1 1 BBl          All with flat shaft accelerator pump.

    1932-48   pickup & replacement carbs  Carter W1 1 BBl with flat shaft accel. Pump #s 483,515,569,570,574


    1933-36   6 cyl. 321 , 0518, 618G         W1 1BBl   #s 258,316,333

p/n 303W-1carbkit $45.00

(Not Pictured)

1932-62 Rochester Carburetor Kit


Chevrolet :
    1932-56 6 cyl. All models B, BC 1BBl �Flat Stem Pump�
check carb # 7001374,7002050, 7003060, 7003152, 7003160,
7003526, 7003865, 7003986, 7004475, 7004477, 7004478
7004495, 7004620, 7004915, 7005921, 7005922, 7005982
7007172, 7007180, 7007181, 7009253, 7009254, 7009255
    1932-62 Truck 216, 235, 261 Rochester 1BBl OEM & replacement
Check carb# 7001374,7002051,7003152,7003863,7003864,7004468,

Pontiac 6 cyl:
    1955-56 261 CI BC 1BBl Canada Only
Check carb # 7006201,7007950,7009258,259,7010680

p/n 323 Rochester $42.00