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Fuel Pumps

WE are now accepting certain fuel pumps for rebuilding.

Prices vary depending on whether it is single or dual diaphragm and what year/model it is.

If you are interested in having your fuel pump rebuilt please contact us.


AC  Model  B Fuel Pump Gasket and Diaphragm Set with or without screen

This Fuel Pump Gasket Set and Diaphragm includes modern nitrile/neoprene diaphragm that handles today's fuel types, 3 bolt spring cover gasket, glass fuel bowl mounting gasket, and fuel pump engine mounting gasket as shown in picture. ALL NEW reproduction; spring bolt and fuel bowl mounting gaskets are NEW high quality rubber impregnated cork, engine mounting gasket is high quality paper. This refresh kit and a good cleaning is pretty much all you need if your pump is in good condition. The check valves in these fuel pumps can normally be flipped upside down and reused. 


Please study the above picture of the type of fuel pump this gasket set fits to make sure it looks like yours It is an AC Model B and has the bolt on stem/actuator shaft. The fuel pump shown in the picture fits 1929-33 Chevrolet. The AC model B fuel pump will fit many applications including Chrysler/Dodge/Plymouth of the thirties to forties and Dodge trucks from the thirties to the sixties plus some industrial applications. The main differences are fuel inlet and outlet locations whether straight in and out or 90 degrees to the fuel pump, location or the placement of the fuel pump cover on the lower mounting housing and/or the configuration or type of the camshaft rocker arm.


If you would like us to rebuild this pump for you, it is $85 plus any parts that may be broken plus $35 core charge on most models unless you send yours. Please get in touch with us before sending.  For a better view just click on the picture.

‚ÄčAlso included in the set are instructions for rebuilding.


Below are the options for the refresh kit of this type pump.


AC Model B gasket kit with diaphragm

AC Model B gasket kit with diaphragm and screen



6 Bolt Fuel Pump Diaphragm

If you just need the diaphragm and not the other gaskets associated with the set above, here it is. 3 1/4" diameter.  If the pump you have has a swedged stem/actuator, you would have to do this yourself. We do not sell the type that have the actuators attached.

p/n 3A32...$6.00ea


pictures to come: 

This is a fuel pump gasket set with diaphragm and screen to fit vehicles and antique trucks using the AC Model D fuel pump. This kit fits the old style fuel pump that has check valve retaining nuts on the top cover and a 3 bolt spring cover on the bottom housing as shown in the picture of the complete fuel pump. The break down of the fuel pump shown is for an AC Model B fuel pump but the AC Model D fuel pump is of the same construction except for the 10 bolt instead of a 6 bolt diaphragm. Kit comes with a complete instruction manual on how to rebuilt the fuel pump.

The pictures of complete fuel pumps are for reference only and not for sale. These pictures show you what your fuel pump should look like although the location or orientation of the cover to body may be different.   

There is a replacement fuel pump that was made that uses one piece unitized check valves inside the fuel pump and the diaphragm is swedged on instead of bolted on the actuating rod. This kit will not fit a fuel pump with a swedged on diaphragm

The diaphragm in this kit has an outside diameter of 4 inches and uses 10 screws to retain it between the cover and the body.

This kit includes modern nitrile diaphragm that handles today's fuel types, 3 bolt spring cover gasket, glass fuel bowl mounting gasket, fuel pump mounting gasket and brass fuel bowl screen as shown in the picture. ALL NEW reproduction; spring cover and fuel bowl mounting gaskets are NEW high quality rubber impregnated cork, engine mounting gasket is high quality paper. 


ModDfpgskt  with diaphragm  $22.00

ModDfpgskts with diaphragm and screen $25.00


Other diaphragms available.

We also have a number of mostly AC new older fuel pumps in stock of different types and styles. Prices vary. They would be sold to you with a new diaphragm and gone through to make sure they work.